Welcome to WateReuse Florida

leafHumans weren’t the first to come up with the idea of recycling water. In fact, nature is way ahead of us there. When rain falls from the sky, the water it leaves behind takes many paths, but it almost always finds its way back to the sky. The most direct route back is evaporation. Water can seep into the ground, or travel to a nearby stream, river or lake. It can even be absorbed in the roots of plants, and then “exhaled” back into the environment through a process called transpiration.

All the water we touch is technically recycled water, because it’s been used before it reaches our home. Experts say, as individuals, we use between 80 and 100 gallons of water per person each day – much of it by just washing our hands.

The WateReuse Florida launched in January 2007 with the objective of encouraging and promoting water reuse in Florida.

WateReuse Florida promotes proven and advanced treatment processes and monitoring, creating high-quality water for a wide variety of uses. It educates members, elected officials and the public through a number of programs, and even joined forces with the Florida Water Environment Association and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to create the Water Reuse Trail. This is a route around and through Florida that features exemplary water reuse projects nominated by people, utilities and organizations.